Saturday Club

Learn primitive Stone Age skills every month in our Stone Age School.

On the third Saturday every month come and learn a specific skill used by our ancestors. All children get to take home what they make. Prices are £5 for a single session or £35 for the year! Pre-booking is essential for Stone Age School sessions.

Sessions run from 10.00 - 12.00 or 14.00 - 16.00 whatever the weather. All children must be accompanied by an adult (1 adult free of charge for up to 4 children).


Come along to our first Stone Age School event and make a leather pouch before going off to do a Stone Age scavenger hunt to gather the foods and materials that might help you survive out in the wild.


Try your hand at making fire. Stone Age people couldn't rely on lighters and matches, come and make yourself a bow drill and see if you've got what it takes to make a spark.


The people of the Stone Age didn't only live in caves, they had to build shelters to live in as well. How quick do you think you could build a basic shelter if you needed to get out of bad weather?


Which materials were used by Stone Age people to make their hunting tools? Come and find out in this session and then make your own bow and arrow or spear before trying it out.


Come and learn how to make paint the Stone Age way, with rocks pigments for paint and a seashell as your palette. We can't draw on the cave wall but we will be decorating some other big rocks.


When Stone Age people moved to the shore or by lakes and rivers, fish made up a large part of their diets. What did they use to get their fish? Come and make some fishing tools, you might even be able to use them when you next visit the beach.


Stone Age people got sick just like us, but they didn't have the medicines that we use to today. Come and learn some Stone Age herbal remedies that might make you feel better if you're feeling ill out in the wilderness.


Join us with Karl Lee, one of Britain's leading primitive technologists to find out how Stone Age people made their tools out of flint stone. Make a stone tool and take it home with you.


Caves throughout Europe have revealed evidence that Stone Age people had musical instruments. What were they made of and how might they have sounded? Let's make some to find out.


Previous sessions have been on gathering and fire making, put the two together and we can cook up something tasty. What did Stone Age people cook? 

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