Creative Writing

Get creative at the caves and learn all about our amazing history, it's sure to inspire some creative pieces.

There is no better inspiration than Kents Cavern to spark the imagination of children who are doing creative writing, step back from the norm and hear stories of times long past, of creatures that used to roam the lands of Torbay. Hear of cavemen and mammoths, come and listen to stories about giants and dragons, pirates, explorers and heroes! Children can develop their spoken and written language through speculating, imagining and exploring ideas based on their visit here. 


10.30 - Arrive
10.45 - Cave Tour (based on your topic)
12.00 - Lunch 
12.30 - Woodland Activity
13.00 - Archaeological dig & Paleo box
13.30 - Prepare to depart

Don't forget we're able to accommodate up to 90 children per visit and can tailor your visit towards your topic.


If you would like to book or learn more about educational visits at Kents Cavern you can always contact us.