Excavations at Kents Cavern

Come and check out the latest excavation at Kents Cavern led by Dr Rob Dinnis and his team..

Date: 11th June to 5th July
Excavations at Kents Cavern

Earlier this year Kents Cavern featured on 'Digging for Britain', where Dr Rob Dinnis and his team explored a newly (re)discovered cave entrance. This year, they're back to continue excavating into the cave.. 

digging deeper at kents cavern 2016

Last year our dig team spent one month opening a blocked up cave entrance leading into the Vestibule chamber. They discovered undisturbed cave sediments that had been locked away for thousands of years. Even during two centuries of excavations at the cave, this section has never been explored. During their dig last year the team uncovered the remains of British Brown Bear, this year, they're back to continue the dig and find out what else lies behind the wall. 

Make sure you head to the caves this June to visit the excavation area, meet the archaeologist team and explore the 'Stones & Bones: Investigating life in the Ice Age' exhibit. 

'stone and bones: investigating Life in the ice age':

  • Handle 3D printed teeth - created from Ice Age animals which used to live in the cave. 
  • Book yourself onto a daily excavation tour (spaces limited)
  • Our dig team will be on hand to answer any questions about geo-archaeology
Date/s 11th June to 5th July
Times Open everyday (except Mondays)
Price  FREE 
Tours  Daily tours of the excavation area everyday at 13:30pm (limited to 10 people)

2015 Kents Cavern Excavation