Global Geoparks Conference

7th UNESCO International Global Geoparks Conference held by the English Riviera Global Geopark

Date: 27th to 30th September
Global Geoparks Conference

Get involved in one of the most exciting events to come to Torbay!


In September the English Riviera will be hosting the 7th International Global Geoparks Conference seeing up to 1000 delegates from all over the world, representing the 120 UNESCO Global Geoparks across the globe. 


Delegates such as scientists, UNESCO officials, policy makers and government representatives will gather in Torquay for the 7th International Global Geoparks Conference. The conference which takes place every two years is Britain's first, and is a great opportunity to showcase the culture, geology, history and heritage of Torbay. If you've got an interest in Science Education, Geology, Earth Conservation & Heritage and Community Engagement, then why not register?

The conference is also looking for sponsors and local business to support or take part in the GeoFair.  


conference programme 
Day events Location
Monday Delegates Ice Breaker Torre Abbey

Opening Ceremony & Presentations

Occombe Farm Barn Dance 

Riviera International Centre &

Occombe Farm

Wednesday Presentations  Riveria International Centre

Field Trips 

Gala Dinner

All over the Bay

Riveria Centre 

Friday Presentations & Closing Ceremony  Riviera International Centre 

Learn more about the 7 UNESCO Global Geoparks in the UK

get involved 

Aside from bringing around £1.6m to the English Riviera, the conference team are looking for volunteers to become ambassadors to take on a number of roles. This is an exciting opportunity to get involved with one of the largest events held in Torbay. 

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