Stone Age Day

Take part in Stone Age day for lots of FREE activities, including an underground flint knapping demo.

Date: 21st to 21st September
Stone Age Day

Stone Age fun on Saturday 21st September!

Join us for Stone Age Day and help us celebrate Kents Cavern's incredible prehistoric story! Celebrate life thousands of years ago by becoming one of the tribe and take part in your own Stone Age adventure! Could you make your own Stone Age shelter to survive? Could you become a hunter by searching for ancient beasts? Can you discover art in caves and recreate your own? There's all of this and more to look forward to in the Stone Age day at Kents Cavern. There's loads of activities to take part in, included in the cave admission price. 

activities included in the cave admission:



Join Karl Lee, one of the UK's leading primitive technologists, inside Kents Cavern as he demonstrates how Stone Age people made tools from flint  (11am - 3pm)

ice age animal hunt

Reveal a secret word by finding all of the hidden Ice Age animals hidden around the woods. (ideal for ages 4+)

MAKe your own mammoth

Create your own mammoth to take home with you (ideal for ages 4-11)


Create your own tribal necklace to take home with you!


Discover tools and artefacts used and made by Stone Age people at our handling table. (ideal for ages 6+)

shelter building

Help to build a communal woodland shelter using natural materials. (ideal for ages 6+)

spear throwing

Take part in this challenge to see if you have the stealth and accuracy of a young Neanderthal hunter (ideal for ages 3-6)

stone age trail 

Head into our woodland area and discover the skills that Stone Age people needed to learn to survive at Kents Cavern while they were here. (ideal for ages 6+)

gemstone dig

Excavate sandboxes to uncover hidden fossils, you might even find some precious gemstones while you’re digging. (ideal for ages 3-12)

Stone age pendant

Decorate your own tree cookie pendant at our crafts station. 

Part of the Ice Age Europe day celebrations! An incredible network of Ice Age sites celebrating our common Ice Age heritage on #IceAgeEuropeDay! 

Stone Age School activities will run from 11.30-16.00 on the Saturday and Sunday. Please note that there may be an additional charge for some craft activities.