Stone Age Festival

A week long programme of events hosted by the Kents Cavern! Celebrating our Stone Age ancestors with a range of free and paid activities, workshops and demonstrations, there’s plenty to take part in whatever day you plan on visiting!

Date: 16th to 24th February
Stone Age Festival

Join us this February half term for our Stone Age Festival.

The festival has been created to celebrate our Stone Age ancestors and to develop greater understanding into the ways that they survived and thrived in prehistoric Britain. 

With a range of free and paid activities, workshops and demonstrations, there’s plenty to take part in whatever day you plan on visiting!

There's lots of activities included in the cave admission:


ice age animal hunt

Reveal a secret word by finding all of the hidden Ice Age animals hidden around the woods. (ideal for ages 4+)

flag painting

Paint the markings of your tribe on your very own Stone Age flag. (ideal for ages 4-11)

animal TRail

Take part in this cave trail to discover the different animals that lived in Devon during warmer and colder climates. (ideal for ages 4-11)


Discover the artefacts used by Stone Age people at our handling table. (ideal for ages 6+)

shelter building

Help to build our communal woodland shelter using natural materials. (ideal for ages 6+)

spear throwing

Take part in this challenge to see if you have the stealth and accuracy of a Neanderthal hunter (ideal for ages 3-7)

stone age trail 

Head into our woodland area and discover the skills that Stone Age people needed to learn to survive at Kents Cavern while they were here. (ideal for ages 6+)

gemstone dig

Excavate sandboxes to uncover hidden fossils, you might even find some precious gemstones while you’re digging. (ideal for ages 3-12)

clay figurines

Cave art doesn’t just include paintings in caves, it also includes jewellery and carvings. Make your own versions out of clay to take home with you! (ideal for ages 7-11)

tree cookies

(£1) – make your own Stone Age pendant. (Ideal for ages 5+)

Check out the full programme of events below! 

Stone age school chef - saturday 16th 

Arguably one of the most important survival skills. Stone Age people mastered a number of different fire making techniques. Can you use a bow drill to make fire by friction?

Each child will leave every session with something that they have made and a badge to show their new Stone Age skill. 

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Caves and cosmos - Tuesday 19th february

Join astronomy charity 'Dartmoor Skies' for an insightful, fun and interactive talk which will explore what previous inhabitants of Kents Cavern would and wouldn't have seen when they gazed skyward. Suitable for older children and adults you'll be guided through the solar system above. 

After the talk if the sky is clear there will be a guided tour of the night sky and a chance to see some wonders of the universe first hand through Dartmoor Skies' brilliant telescopes. If the weather is bad then a guided cave tour will take place. Warm clothing and sensible footwear recommended.

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STONE AGE SESSIONS - sunday 17th to sunday 24th february

Stone Age Sessions will run with two different themed activities! 

For the young ones: The Gatherer and Musicians session will focus on making your own gathering pouch before trying to find some useful items in our woodland area. Learn about Stone Age music and make your own rainmaker before heading into the caves and hearing how it sounds!

For the older kids: join a Firemaking session - learn how to make fire by friction! Then head into the caves to check out fire the Stone Age way!

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flint session - wEDNESDAY 20th FEBRUARY

Join Karl Lee, one of the UK’s leading primitive technologist’s, inside Kents Cavern as he leads a demonstration focused on how Stone Age people made their tools from flint through a process called ‘knapping’. 

You'll be getting hands on as Karl guides you to make your own flint tool, the Stone Age way. This workshop is suitable for ages 12+. 

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ARt in A Cave! - FRIDAY 22nd February

Join Devon based professional artist Mike McDonald in a special art masterclass using the beautiful backdrop of the caverns as inspiration for your work.  This two and a half hour experience includes one-to-one tutition and a tour of the caves.

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JUnkman's junkjam!

Join the JunkMan’s JunkJam after your tour and learn how you could take a more Stone Age approach to recycling your rubbish and make some music as you do it!