Stone Age Summer

Head to the caves this summer for some Stone Age themed activities for all the family! All activities included with your Cave Tour Ticket.

Date: 23rd July to 4th September
Stone Age Summer

This summer, experience 400 million years of history in one day. How did our ancestors live? What did they eat? What animals roamed the lands? 

After your tour around the prehistoric caves, discover our Stone Age Activities to bring the past to life. All activities included with your Cave Tour Ticket.


Meet Cavog the Caveman in the Stone Age Zone every day in the summer holidays (weather dependent) at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00. Cavog loves to have his picture taken and giving out high fives! Suitable for all ages.

Choose Your Tribe

When you arrive, read your activity booklet and decide which of our four tribes you’d like to join. Hyena, Elk, Woolly Mammoth or Cave Bear tribe. Each has its own set of characteristics which might help you choose. Once you’ve decided, head to the woodland kiosk where our staff member will give you a tribal sticker so everyone knows which tribe you belong to. Suitable for children 2+

Ice Age Animal Hunt

Find the Stone Age animal statues along the trail. Suitable for children 2+


Discover the skills that Stone Age people needed to survive and thrive. Match the numbered stations to the skills on your booklet. Suitable for children 5+

Tribal Code Breakers

Cavog’s tribe have left behind codes for him in the woods, can you crack the code and figure out who has left each message just by looking at their handprint? Suitable for children aged 7+

Shelter Building

Use the frame and logs provided on our shelter building platform to create your own woodland dwelling. Suitable for children 5+


Ever wonder how your prehistoric ancestors lived? What did they eat? What tools did they have? What materials did they use to make these tools? Handle real and replica artefacts at the Palaeotable by the woodland kiosk and learn all about Stone Age people and animals. Suitable for children 5+

Tree Cookie Pendant

Stone Age pendants were made from animal teeth, stones, bones, antler and wood. Make your own modern version with our Tree Cookie pendants. Decorate them however you like and show them off to everyone by wearing it around your neck. Suitable for children 2+.

Tree Cookie Pendants are available for £1 each at the woodland kiosk.

Gemstone Digging

Be an archaeologist in our Stone Age Zone. Dig in the sandboxes to uncover replica fossils and use our identification chart to find out what they are! You can't take the fossils home with you, but as you dig you’ll also uncover gemstones, which you can put into a bag and keep. Suitable for children 2+