Learn all about the changing times at Kents Cavern by travelling through the last half a million years. Since the Stone Age, thousands of animal bones and tools have been unearthed from the cave representing its incredible evolutionary history.

Britain has only had four different types of species occupying it, three of those species have lived at Kents Cavern, making us a fantastic site to learn about human evolution in both a national and international context. Visit the cave to find out how and why living things have evolved over time. Learn that not only living things evolve by discovering how the landscape, climate and technology have changed as time has gone by.


10.30 - Arrive
10.45 - Cave Tour (based on your topic)
12.00 - Lunch 
12.30 - Woodland Activity
13.00 - Archaeological dig & Paleo box
13.30 - Prepare to depart

Don't forget we're able to accommodate up to 90 children per visit and can tailor your visit towards your topic.


If you would like to book or learn more about educational visits at Kents Cavern you can always contact us.