History of Britain: Bronze Age, Iron Age, Romans, Victorians

We can offer fantastic historical visits to Kents Cavern based on the changes to Britain through several different time periods. Alternatively, you can pick a specific time period and we'll focus on that.

Travel through time to visit and experience Kents Cavern from the view of the earliest human visitors to the Victorian explorers. This topic focuses not only on the Stone Age history of the cave but also the Bronze Age and Iron Age. Learn why people lived here thousands of years ago, why the Romans visited and why the Victorians worked here. This journey through time is bound to bring out the explorer in children and teachers alike whilst learning about chronology and relevant themes from the History and Geography curriculum.


10.30 - Arrive
10.45 - Cave Tour (based on your topic)
12.00 - Lunch 
12.30 - Woodland Activity
13.00 - Archaeological dig & Paleo box
13.30 - Prepare to depart

Don't forget we're able to accommodate up to 90 children per visit and can tailor your visit towards your topic


If you would like to book or learn more about educational visits at Kents Cavern you can always contact us.