Ice Age Europe

Kents Cavern isn't the only amazing Ice Age site. All over Europe there are some phenomenal sites showcasing the lives of humans and animals during the last Ice Age..

ice age europe network of heritage sites 

All over Europe sites with exceptional stories from one of the worlds most incredible time periods exist and some are available for us to go and visit. Ice Age Europe is a network of all these fantastic sites celebrating their amazing history. From caves to campsites, hunting grounds, museums and research centres, Ice Age Europe promotes our incredible story and raises awareness on site conservation and museum management. 

Here's a list of all the sites involved so make sure you go and visit them! 

  Members Country
Prehistomuseum  Belgium 
Krapina Neanderthal Museum  Croatia
Prehistory Museum of Solutre  France
International Centre of Prehistory  France
Isturitz, Oxocelhaya and Erberua Caves  France
The Museum of Neanderthal Man  France
Museum of Prehistory Blaubeuren  Germany
Neanderthal Museum  Germany
Palaon: Research and Experience Centre Schoningen Spears  Germany
Archaeopark Vogelherd Germany
Fumane Cave  Italy
Museum of Human Evolution  Spain 
Museum of Altamira Spain 
Caves of Santimamine and Bizkaia Museum of Archaeology  Spain 
Ekainberri: The Replica of Ekain Cave Spain 
Espai Origens Visitor Centre: La Roca dels Bous Archaeological Site Spain 
The Gibraltar Museum  UK
Kents Cavern Prehistoric Caves  UK