Rocks and Fossils

There's no place better to learn about rocks and fossil than inside Kents Cavern. We've got formations that are thousands of years old and rocks that are millions of years old.. all just a touch away. 

An introduction to rocks and minerals, their formation, description, properties and simple classification. A closer look at limestone, the formation of the caves and their features. Come and find out the difference between a stalagmite and a stalactite. Relevant to Key Stage 2 in the science and geography curriculum.

suggested itinerary

10.30 - Arrive
10.45 - Cave Tour (based on your topic)
12.00 - Lunch 
12.30 - Woodland Activity
13.00 - Archaeological dig & Fossil box
13.30 - Prepare to depart

Don't forget we're able to accommodate up to 90 children per visit and can tailor your visit towards your topic.

to book 

If you would like to book or learn more about educational visits at Kents Cavern you can always contact us.