The Kents Cavern Foundation

If you'd like to get even more involved with the Kents Cavern Foundation then why not find out more about becoming a trustee.


The Kents Cavern Foundation is the caves Charitbale Incorporated Organisation established to lead on education, scientific and cultural activities at the cavern. 

The Foundation plays a major role in increasing the awareness of Kents Cavern as an exceptional British site of ancient human occupation and one of the most important prehistoric sites in Europe.


The Foundation has managed several projects; 

  • Project Firestone  
  • Developing a 3 year education strategy for the Foundation in link within the national curiculum
  • Working with Torbay's future museums 
  • Supporting the work of the English Riviera Global Geopark 
  • Supporting the educational offers of the Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust 


The Foundation is run by an executive board: 

  • Nick Powe 

Director of Kents Cavern, founding member and chairman of UNESCO's English Riveria Global Geopark 

  • James Hull 

General Manager of Kents Cavern, responsible for balancing curatorial responsibility with commericial viability 

  • Maureen McAllister 

Independent tourism and marketing professional 

If you think you could offer more to the Kents Cavern Foundation or would like to find out more then contact us.