As the gateway to the UNESCO Global Geopark and home to Britain’s oldest human fossil, Kents Cavern has a largely well respected standing within the academic world. We are able to offer specialised tours within the cave for a variety of topics.

Undergraduate learning topics:


An insight into the formation of the caves including phreatic, vadose and sedimentation phases as well as the creation of UNESCO's English Riviera Global Geopark. Fieldwork studies inside the cave are available on request.


Kents Cavern is the most accessible site for archaeology students! Showcasing the home of three different human species, Kents Cavern is a fantastic site to learn about human antiquity and the Devensian mega-fauna. Learn more on the nature of geo-archaeology and sedimentological movements which brought thousands of artefacts into the cave. Discover the range of archaeological techniques used at Kents Cavern from Victorian excavations, Torquay Natural History Society digs during the 1930s and more recent late 20th Century excavations. See previous excavation sites and find out about current excavations at Kents Cavern.

We also recommend visiting Torquay Museum home of the Kents Cavern collection (ranging from the Lower Palaeolithic to the Roman occupation of Britain), to find out more about on curatorial responsibilities and to see the artefacts for yourselves.


Visiting Kents Cavern, a privately run tourist attraction, you'll be able to discover how we manage the balance between curatorial responsibility and commercial viability. Meet our dynamic team, all holding a range of different posts from education, management to conservation to learn about the pros and cons of the heritage industry.


An insight into the various elements involved in the running of a tourist attraction, including marketing, sectors and trends, organisational structure and future developments.

Doing research on Kents Cavern? Check out our post-graduate resources page to find out more.