Ice Age Europe Day

This Ice Age Europe day take part in the Kents Cavern Ice Fest! Lots of activities, including spear throwing, paleo crafts, and an Ice Age animal hunt! Activities are included in the cave admission price.

Date: 23rd to 23rd September
Ice Age Europe Day

Ever wondered what life was like during the Ice Age? 


  • Ice Age Animal Hunt - discover which animals stalked our woodland areas during the Ice Age. 
  • Cave Trail - learn which animals lived during the Ice Age and which animals lived during the warm periods.
  • Shelter Making - help create a communal shelter in the woods.
  • Palaeo-Table - Learn about Stone Age artefacts and even handle some.
  • Spear Throwing - hunt like a Neanderthal at our spear throwing station.
  • Pouch Making - Make a leather pouch and scavenge through the woods.
  • Stone Age Pendant - Make and decorate your own Stone Age necklace.
  • Stone Age Trail - find out the different skills that hunters needed for survival.

(Small charges may apply)



kids fun dig 

Take part in your own excavation for fossils. Delve deep enough and you may find gemstones to take home.

rock art 

Design and paint your own caveman! Create your own cave art and don't forget to leave your hand on our Wall of Hands

Cavog's riddle quest

Our lovely mascot Cavog has even made a riddle quest for young explorers at Kents Cavern. Find the clues around his pad, there's an adventure to be had!