As a Scheduled Ancient Monument, a Site of Special Scientific Interest and one of the top visitor attractions in Devon, working at Kents Cavern is a little different to most jobs!

Find out what Jobs and Volunteering positions we have available.

About us

Kents Cavern is a treasure trove of history. The cave system was formed 2.5 million years ago, but the limestone rock that makes up the cave was formed 385 million years ago. Kents Cavern was used as a place of shelter by extinct species of humans and animals throughout the Stone Age and is home to the oldest modern human fossil in Britain. Archaeological digs all over the world are based on techniques that were created by excavators in our cave in the 1800’s, those archaeologists went on to provide some of the earliest evidence for the antiquity of man.
Since the site was opened as a visitor attraction in 1903, The Kents Cavern staff have been proud to tell the story of our cave to the millions of people who have visited.

About the site

We are nestled away in the village of Wellswood, on the public footpath leading to Ansteys Cove and Meadfoot Beach, with amazing views of Ilsham Valley! Kents Cavern is a relatively small site compared to other tourist attractions, but we’re still a big day out for visitors.

There’s plenty for our guests to do. Once they arrive on site they’ll be greeted with a smile by our friendly front of house team who are ready to book them in and explain what there is to do.

Our knowledgeable tour guides will keep them entertained in the cave for up to an hour, explaining the history and heritage of Kents Cavern, pitching each tour perfectly to the group in front of them.

The Firestone Kitchen staff have an inclusive menu for our guests to choose from, and are able to provide customers with a range of food and drink before or after their tour. Our restaurant area has amazing views and our outside areas receive a great amount of sun.

The kids activities staff are on hand in the woodland trail and inside the Stone Age Zone, they are the people that make sure our smaller guests take full advantage of all of the many fun activities we have on site. They also have the most difficult job of all…..making sure Cavog The Caveman behaves himself!

The management staff at Kents Cavern are always busy making sure that everything runs smoothly and are always on hand to help all of the departments when needed.

All of our staff take responsibility for making sure that the site is clean, tidy and that all of our visitors have an amazing day out.

Our Team

A fun professional environment creates a great team, leading to a great service for our customers. Our staff might work in different departments but we are all one team and we are extremely proud of that. It may be biased for us to say, but we believe that we have the best group of people you will ever work with. We are a welcoming, friendly group, you wont just find colleagues here, you will make friends.


Joining the Kents Cavern team comes with a number of perks

  • Complimentary tickets to Kents Cavern for friends and family.
  • 10% off all shop items.
  • Exclusive staff prices for certain Firestone Kitchen food or 10% off items not included.
  • Exclusive staff preview nights for events like Shakespeare in the cave.
  • Regular social events including an end of summer and a Christmas staff party.
  • Opportunities for discounts at other local attractions.