Woodland Trail

After your cave tour, pick up a trail activity booklet and head to our Woodland Trail where you can find plenty of things to do for all ages.

In the Stone Age, Britain was covered in wooded areas, they were perfect settings to set up camp if there were no caves around, and a great environment for hunting and gathering.

Compliment your cave tour by taking a stroll along our woodland trail and spot local wildlife and seasonal flowers. Our woodland paths are clearly marked out and set with hardcore but sensible footwear is advisable. Due to the natural setting of our woodland trail, it should be avoided by buggies and wheelchairs.

Don’t forget you can collect a free woodland trail activity booklet with your cave ticket, this will help you understand the activities as you go around the trail. There’s plenty of things to do to keep you busy….

Prehistoric Animal Hunt (recommended age 2+)

Mammoths and wolves and bears, oh my! Can you find the animal statues hiding in our woodland trail? Don’t forget to take your picture with them!

Palaeo Trail (recommended age 7+)

Reckon you could survive the Stone Age? Discover the different skills that your prehistoric ancestors needed to survive and find the stations around the woods that represent each one.

Tribal Code Breakers (recommended age 10+)

Cavog’s tribe are all off doing different things. Use the symbols that they communicate with to crack their codes and discover where each tribe member has gone.

Shelter building

Use logs and branches from the woods to build a shelter in our designated part of the woodlands.

Stone Age Animals

Learn about Stone Age animals and their link to Kents Cavern through our new interpretation boards along the woodland trail.

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