Woodland Trail

Become an Ice Age hunter along our woodland trail and search for signs of life from the Stone Age.. 

About 12,500 years ago, the Ice Age ended and as the climate grew warmer, woodlands and forests grew up around the caves. Down on our woodland trail you can find some panels explaining more on how Stone Age people and animals lived. Our woodland trail is also the base for our Stone Age School, led by our Education Team to showcase life in the Stone Age to all ages. 


In the woods Cavog the Caveman and his Stone Age tribe found most of their daily needs; food, clothes, medicines and tools. Now you can Step into the Stone Age and walk in Cavog's footsteps along the Woodland Trail by doing some Stone Age shopping.


We've placed 7 animal panels within the woodlands, search for the different animals, all who lived in the Ice Age and find the letter placed on them. Once you've collected all the letters rearrange them to find the secret word! Head to the ticket desk and claim your prize...