Educational Videos

Our Education Team have put together six free educational videos to help you learn from home. Discover what Kents Cavern was used for during the Stone Age from the cave animals lurking in the depths of the caves, to the prehistoric people and the tools they used.

Our Digging Deeper educational videos provide a virtual lesson for those of all ages wanting to understand more about our history. In this series you will learn the geology of cave formations, how our ancestors made fire and the archaeological story of how Kents Cavern was discovered. Our Education Team explain these highly specialised subjects in an easy-to-learn manner.

The videos are cross-curricular and are a great resource for those who are homeschooling and learning about the Stone Age or Evolution at Key Stage 2. Learn more about the caves from home and we hope to see you to explore Kents Cavern in Torquay soon. 

To book your next school trip, or for any education enquiries, please email [email protected] or telephone 01803 215136.

Learn about your Stone Age Ancestors

Discover the humans that lived at Kents Cavern during the Stone Age and learn about the tools they used.

Learn about Prehistoric Fire-making

Fire was an important survival tool during for Stone Age people, learn the different techniques they might have used to make it.

Learn about Cave Formations

Ever wondered how cave formations are made? How they grow and how long it might take? Watch this video to find out more.

Learn about our Archaeological Story

Groundbreaking archaeological excavations have taken place at Kents Cavern. Find out about the people who lead them and how they changed our understanding of history.

Learn about Stone Age Animals

Lots of animals lived in and around Kents Cavern during the Stone Age. Discover the cave bears, hyenas and woolly mammoths in this video.

Learn about Stone Age Tools and Weapons

Stone Age people made tools and weapons out of natural materials. Find out how and discover how they used them in this video.