Key Stage 3 & 4


Kents Cavern is an inspirational place to visit for students of all ages. We're located in Torquay, on the coast of South Devon. 

Kents Cavern is a Covid-Secure site. For more information about Covid-Secure visits, isolated from the general public, or for other education enquiries, please email [email protected] or telephone 01803 215136.

Our educational visits for Key Stage 3+4 groups are often more bespoke, catering for the different needs of secondary schools following different exam boards, you can see some of our most popular Secondary School topics below. Our education team are always happy to accommodate new topics so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to link a Kents Cavern visit in with your topic.

All visits for secondary schools include a guided tour of the cave, a short lunch break and a presentation with Q+A at the end. We have free coach or minibus parking and each group has a designated area on site to leave bags, coats and lunches. Our dedicated education team will take charge of your visit from the moment you step foot off the coach.

Typical Itinerary
10:30 Arrive
10:45 Cave Tour
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Presentation based on chosen topic
13:15 Q&A
13:30 Prepare to leave for 13:45

These times are suggestions only, our itineraries can be changed to suit your needs.

Human and Physical Geography

The local rocks around Torbay have a vast history dating back to the Devonian period. Kents Cavern Prehistoric Caves is a gateway site for UNESCO’s English Riviera Global Geopark, an area that occupies the whole of Torbay. Our Geopark is one of over 120 in the world and was recognised as the first ever urban geopark. The geological, natural and cultural heritage of the area have influenced day to day life in Torbay for humans and animals ever since the Stone Age.

  • Lean about Geoparks, their significance and the role that they play in promoting and sustaining conservation, education and GeoTourism.
  • Learn the geological history of Torbay including timescales and periods from the Devonian to present day.
  • Learn about the change in climate in Britain from the last Ice Age to present day.
  • Learn about our urban geopark and discover how the geological heritage of the area has been influencing the landscape, climate and people of Torbay ever since the Stone Age.


Kents Cavern has a rich archaeological history covering every time period from the Lower Palaeolithic through to present day. Our cave is the only place in the world where evidence of three different human species have been found, and is home to Britain’s oldest Homo sapiens fossil.

In more recent history, the cave yielded some of he first evidence of human antiquity and became the birthplace of modern archaeology.

  • Learn about prehistoric time periods.
  • Extend chronological knowledge from a point in history before 1066.
  • Learn about Britain’s changing landscape from the last Ice Age to present day.
  • Learn about the Neolithic revolution, why nomadic people began farming.
  • Learn about the enlightenment, and how work carried out by Father John MacEnery at Kents Cavern in 1825 produced some of the earliest evidence for the antiquity of man.
  • Learn about William Pengelly (Fellow of the Royal Society), how his work at Kents Cavern helped to prove the antiquity of man and how his excavation techniques are now used all over the world.

To book an educational visit or for more information, get in touch with us today via email [email protected] or by telephone 01803 215136.

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