Access Statement

Over the last century millions of people have visited Kents Cavern. If you're worried about accessing the cave then view the statement below to find out more. If you have more questions then head to our FAQ's page more some more answers, alternatively why not contact us and we'd be happy to help.

Kents Cavern is an easy cave to visit however, visitors should be aware that the natural features of the cave result in some narrow passages, low ceiling heights, slopes and steps and some visitors may require assistance. Any visitor with particular or special needs must inform the front desk and we ask that all visitors pay particular attention to the safety briefing given by the guides before entering the cave.

Unfortuntately wheelchair access is not possible beyond the first chamber. Standard single-child pushchairs can be negotiated around the cave.

  • There are concrete paths throughout the cave tour.  Assistance may be required by some visitors as there are a few steep gradients of up to 1:4 - 1:5 in the caves and on the Woodland Trail. There are nine steps in the caves, with a narrow point on route of 55cm (21.5") at ground level extending for 1m (3'3"). This can be negotiated by normal size child pushchairs but not by wheelchairs.
  • Access for wheelchair users is restricted to the first chamber. No charge is made if visitors do not go beyond this first chamber. A DVD of the cave tour can be viewed in the visitor centre.
  • The guide will issue warnings if strobe lighting sequences are in operation during the tour but visitors who are susceptible to rapid flashing light should make this known to the guide.
  • The caves are electrically lit but the lighting levels are purposefully kept low to protect the cave environment. There are periods of reduced lighting and short spells of complete darkness during the tour.
  • The temperature is a constant 14°C (58°F)
  • Suitable footwear should be worn.
  • There are no toilet facilities inside the caves.  There is a designated WC for wheelchair users in the visitor centre with right hand transfer.
  • Head protection helmets are not required in the caves but are available for visually impaired visitors.
  • A printed version of the tour is available for hearing impaired visitors.
  • Only assistance dogs are permitted to enter the buildings and the cave.
  • Visitors who feel uncomfortable in the caves should inform the guide who will arrange for an escort out.
  • Visitors with special needs and their carers can ask for a special rate of £5.00 per person to visit the caves.