Origins of Art

A celebration of Art in the Stone Age. People have been creating art for thousands of years, from carving figurines, painting inside caves, making jewellery and even creating music!

Date: 10th to 18th February
Origins of Art

Free activities included in your ticket.  The origins of art at Kents Cavern:

  • CAVE ART - At the end of your cave tour, create a piece of Stone Age art in the cave. The background sounds will be music from the Stone Age, recordings made in the caves of Isturitz and Oxocelhaya in the French Basque Country, on a flute made from a Vulture wing bone.
  • PALAEO TABLE - learn how Stone Age people made paint with ochre, how they drilled holes in shells and teeth to make jewellery and learn about 'portable art' shapes carved into stones and bone.
  • CLAY ART - Create your own art in clay, maybe a tooth for a necklace, a piece of pottery or ta Stone Age inspired figurine.
  • HISTORIC GRAFFITI - Discover the conservation work being done to record inscriptions and engravings in the cave.
  • ANTLER CARVING - Carve into antler with flint tools just like your ancestors would have done thousands of years ago.
  • GEMSTONE DIGGING - Exacavate our sandboxes to find hidden gemstones which you can take home with you!

Woodland Trail

  • ANIMAL HUNT - Can you find the Ice Age beasts hiding in the woods?
  • PALAEOTRAIL - Discover the skills that your ancestors needed to survive in the Stone Age.
  • TRIBAL CODE BREAKERS - Find the symbols, crack the code, solve the problems!
  • SHELTER BUILDING - Build your own shelter in the wood

Free activities included in you cave entry ticket