Conservation Plan

All cave guides, staff, contractors and research scientists ensure that access the caves, and all that goes on inside the cave, happens in accordance with the content of the Kents Cavern Conservation Plan. This is a comprehensive record of the caverns and passages, on and off the showcave route, evaluating sensitivities and any specific risks throughout. 

It is an onerous responsibility to shoulder the protection and conservation of a site that has history of ancient human occupation going back 500,000 million years, a longevity of interaction wiht humankind that cannot be matched anywhere else.

The caverns extend under mature urban developments in Torquay and this  adds to the challenges  to protecting the complex of caves and passages, not only the geological heritage but also the archaeological content which remains to be examined and discoverd.

The plan ensures those entering the caves understand how special and unique Kents Cavern to ensure that there is no damage, which would be impossible to repaired given the length of time involve in cave geology.  All the staff at Kents Cavern and our scientific researchers and advisers share a commitment to protection the caves. 

The plan has been designed to be a pragmatic guide and useful document to ensure the sustainability of the cavern and its natural environement.