Check out the recommended research below for just a snippet of some of the fantastic journal articles and books written about Kents Cavern's rich history. 

journal articles 

  • A New Survey of Kents Cavern - Chris Proctor 
  • Pengelly's legacy reconsidered: a GIS approach to spatial analysis of palaeontological and archaeological collections Kents Cavern, England - Sorin Mihai, Joyce Lundberg, Donald McFarlane & Barry Chandler
  • The 19th Century Excavation of Kent's Cavern, England - Donald McFarlane & Joyce Lundberg 
  • (Re)discovery of a major cave entrance at Kents Cavern, Devon UK - Rob Dinnis & Chris Proctor 
  • A Cut-marked and Fractured Mesolithic Bone from Kent's Cavern, Devon UK - R. J. Schulting, S. M. Bello, B. Chandler & T. F. G. Higham 
  • Age of Middle Pleistocene fauna and Lower Palaeolithic industries from Kent's Cavern, Devon - C.J Proctor, P.J Berridge, M.J Bishop, D.A Richards & P.L Smart 
  • Recent flowstone growth rates: Field measurements in comparison to theoretical predictions - A. Baker & P. Smart 
  • Fluvial archives as a framework for the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic: pattern of British artefact distribution and potential chronological implications - D.R Bridgland & M.J White 
  • The geodiversity of Torbay - M.B Hart 
  • William Pengelly’s Torquay – the photographic record c1860 – c1875 - T. Greeves 
  • European Middle and Upper Palaeolithic radiocarbon dates are often older than they look: problems with previous dates and some remedies - Thomas Higham
  • AMS radiocarbon dating of ancient bone using ultrafiltration - T.F.G Higham, R.M Jacobi & C. Bronk Ramsey 
  • The earliest evidence for anatomically modern humans in northwestern Europe - T. Higham et al 
  • AMS radiocarbon dating of Middle and Upper Palaeolithic bone in the British Isles: improved reliability using ultrafiltration - T.F.G Higham, R.M Jacobi & C. Bronk Ramsey
  • A unique population of cave bears (Carnivora: Ursidae) from the Middle Pleistocene of Kents Cavern, England, based on dental morphometrics - D.A Sabol, J Lundberg & D McFarlane
  • Cave Men: stone tools, Victorian science and the ‘primitive mind’ of deep time - P.B Pettitt & M White 
  • Kent's Cavern - whence and whither? - Allan Straw
  • The Demonstration of Human Antiquity - P. Pettitt & M. White 


  • The Ancient Human Occupation of Britain - N.M Ashton, S.G Lewis & C.B Stringer 
  • Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story - Rob Dinnis & Chris Stringer 
  • The British Paleolithic: human societies at the edge of the Pleistocene world - P. Pettitt & M White 
  • Prehistoric Britain - J. Pollard 
  •  The Later Prehistoric and Roman Material From Kent’s Cavern, Torquay - R. Silvester 

original sources 

  • On Human Remains from Kent’s Hole, near Torquay - C. Blake 
  • Letter to the Editor Regarding Blake’s Paper on Kents Hole - William Pengelly 
  • . The Literature of Kents Cavern, Part II, Including the Whole of Rev. J. Mac. Enery’s Manuscript - William Pengelly 
  • The Devonshire Caverns and Their Contents - Unknown 
  • Cavern Researches or Discoveries of Organic Remains and of Birtish and Roman Reliques, in the Caves of Kent's Hole, Anstis Cove, Chudleigh and Berry Head - Rev. J. MacEnery