Stone Age Reading List

Check out the list below for more on the Stone Age...

picture books 

Cave Baby - Julia Donaldson

Boy - James Mayhew

The Secret Cave - Richard Hamilton 

The Bear in the Cave - Michael Rosen

Mammoth Pie - Jeanne Willis 

Ug a Lug; Four Cavemen and a Prehistoric Pencil - Jill Lewis 

Cave Tina Rox - Jill Marshall 

The Wild Girl - Chris Wormell 

Ug - Raymond Briggs  

Stone Girl, Bone Girl - Laurence Anholt 

Secrets of Stonehenge - Mick Manning 

Stone Age Boy - Satoshi Kitamura 

junior fiction 

Adventures of Ook and Glug - series by Dav Pilkey 

Ug and the Dinosaurs - Alfie Small 

Glog - Pippa Goodhart 

Boom and other Iggy the Urk books - Alan Macdonald 

Littlenose - John Grant 

junior non-fiction 

The Stone Age Sentinel - Fergus Fleming 

Exploring Life in the Stone Age - Brian Knapp 

Stone Age, Bone Age! - Mick Manning 

Stone Age to Iron Age - Claire Hibbert 

The Stone Age - Brian Knapp 

Savage Stone Age - Terry Deary