Conservation & Outreach

Making the general public aware of why Kents Cavern has the highest level of protection in the United Kingdom falls to the Kents Cavern Foundation, a charitable body that encourages learning and outreach, and the future protection of the cave environment.  

In this section of the website, part funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), you can find out about the conservation, learning and outreach activities being undertaken by the charity and its HLF funded Project Firestone. 

  • Over 80,000 excavated objects from Kents Cavern in museum and private collections around the World. 
  • The many published scientific research papers, books, TV and radio documentaries and press statements on the ancient human and prehistoric animal activities in the caves and its geological surroundings.  
  • Details of archaeological excavations and scientific research taking place each year. 
  • How the Conservation Management Plan monitors all activities carried out in the caves. 
  • The natural classroom and educational benefits offered by the caves and surrounding UNESCO Global Geopark territory.